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SCAR Fundraising and Donations Policy 2017 Popular

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SCAR Fundraising and Donations Policy 2017

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Fundraising and Donations Policy

Approved on 16 February 2017

Purpose of this policy:

SCAR welcomes the support of donors to further its mission and objectives. The purpose of this policy is to provide a guide to those authorised to fundraise and accept donations on behalf of SCAR which allows clear and consistent decisions regarding the acceptance or refusal of donations.

The Executive Committee of SCAR, as trustees of the charity, have responsibility to develop, approve and update this policy as necessary. The policy needs to take into account

  • the mission and objectives of SCAR;
  • compliance with relevant regulations, specifically the UK Fundraising Regulators Code of Fundraising Practice;
  • risks to the reputation of SCAR resulting from acceptance or refusal of donations; and
  • the balance of costs incurred in fundraising activities compared to resources gained.

This policy will be publically available from the SCAR website and the Executive Committee will ensure that fundraising aims and achievements are communicated in an open and transparent manner.

This policy also serves as a guide to the SCAR Development Council in their fundraising activities.