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WP052: Antarctic Environments Portal Popular

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WP052: Antarctic Environments Portal

ATCM XLII and CEP XXII 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Working Paper

WP052: Antarctic Environments Portal

Joint paper with Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and the United States

Submitted: 17 May 2019


The Antarctic Environments Portal continues to support the work of the Committee for Environmental Protection by making available to all CEP Members and Antarctic Treaty Parties, up-to-date, state-of-knowledge reports on issues of relevance to the Committee’s work programme. The Tinker Foundation grant that has supported the operation of the Portal since 2015, will come to a conclusion in 2019 and plans for transferring the Portal to SCAR are established, contingent on appropriate resourcing being in place. Opportunities to enhance the structure and utility of the Portal continue to be explored.

The Content Management Plan is set out in pdf Information Paper IP023 (178 KB) .


ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
CEP - Committee for Environmental Protection
42nd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
1 - 11 July 2019