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SCAR 2020 Conference Panel on "Antarctic Heritage" Popular

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SCAR 2020 Conference Panel on "Antarctic Heritage"

Online Panel held on 27 July 2020:

2020 is the two hundredth anniversary of the first human interactions with the Antarctic continent. This session invites presentations on all aspects of research and management related to the human heritage of Antarctic activity. These may include:

Antarctic heritage theory and practice:

  • historical and physical research of the material evidence of human presence;
  • the archaeology of sealing, whaling, explorations and scientific sites;
  • conservation, interpretation and management of heritage sites;
  • critical issues in Antarctic heritage research, conservation and management;
  • Antarctic heritage and contemporary science;

Antarctic heritage governance:

  • Studies of the development of heritage assessment and management over time;
  • policy-making that impacts heritage;
  • addressing cultural diversity, such as in different national approaches to heritage assessment, conservation and management.

Antarctic heritage onwards:

  • A critical and analytical review of the current state of research, reflection upon matters raised at SCAR 2020 and consideration of future research agendas.

The session is closely linked to those on Antarctic and Southern Ocean Histories and the changing face of Antarctic tourism, with some overlap and mutual interest in the topics covered in each.