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Antarctic Clouds and Aerosols (ACA)

Since XXXIII SCAR in 2014, members of the group organized and convened sessions on Antarctic clouds at IUGG in Prague and at EGU in 2016. These sessions were very successful and have increased international cooperation. Over the period, interest has increased in the processes that control clouds over the Southern Ocean as large errors in climate models over this area seem to point to problems in cloud parameterization. This has led to members of the group getting involved in major grant applications to investigate Southern Ocean clouds.

An ad hoc meeting of the Action group was held during EGU in 2016. This meeting was very successful and led to a proposal to set up a database of polar cloud observations – starting with the Antarctic Observations. This activity will start with the setting up of a database of the metadata of cloud observations and will initially be hasted at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).