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Integrated Science to Inform Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation (Ant-ICON)

SCAR is delighted to share the report from Lucia Ziegler for the inaugural Ant-ICON / SC-ATS Science-Policy Fellowship 2023. The aim of the fellowship programme is to provide the opportunity for EMCRs to gain experience in the science-policy interface from participating in Antarctic policy forums through the preparation and potential submission of a science/policy paper based on their research.

2023 Fellow Lucia Ziegler from Centro Universitario Regional del Este, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, attended the CEP/ATCM meetings in Helsinki in May and June 2023. Her project was titled: "Assessment of soundscape characteristics and the incidence of anthropogenic noise on the Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems."

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Lucia Ziegler is studying soundscape composition and anthropogenic noise in terrestrial Antarctica. The primary goal of the fellowship was to equip her with the skills needed to participate in Antarctic policy forums, including the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) and to strengthen the evidence base for sound policy decisions in the region.

Key outcomes of the fellowship include the submission of Information Paper 100, titled "Anthropogenic noise in Antarctic terrestrial environments," presented at the CEP. This document received significant support and feedback from various Antarctic Treaty Parties. The fellowship also led to a manuscript submission to Polar Research, currently under review, with a second manuscript in preparation.

lucia fellowship reportLucia's engagement with the Nordic Soundscapes Research Network opened opportunities for cooperation in polar soundscapes research. In Uruguay, she conducted educational and outreach activities, including public lectures and plans to participate in the Iberoamerican Researchers' Night. Lucia's future plans involve expanding the monitoring of Antarctic soundscapes and anthropogenic noise, with a focus on the area near Uruguay's Elirichibehety Station and the links between noise sources and penguin ecology on Ardley Island. She also actively participates in two Working Groups in Uruguay, emphasising the commitment to Antarctic conservation.

Lucia states

Having experienced formal participation in CEP and ATCM meetings, as well as informal exchanges with various representatives from attending parties, gave me the opportunity to better comprehend the governance and management of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean. It also allowed me to gain a more in-depth understanding of the roles played by different actors in this context.

The full report is available here.

The SCAR Ant-ICON / SC-ATS Science-Policy Fellowship Programme for early-mid career researchers (EMCRs) was launched in early 2023. To help build capacity in the provision of scientific knowledge to inform policymakers, Ant-ICON and SC-ATS will provide joint funding for the establishment of an annual science-policy fellowship scheme. More information on the inaugural 2023 Fellowship scheme is available here.

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