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State of the Antarctic Ecosystem (AntECO)

Capacity building is a core part of SCAR's activities. One way in which capacity building is carried out is through enabling Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) to attend SCAR events. The State of the Antarctic Ecosystem (AntEco) Scientific Research Programme made travel grants available in 2018 for 21 ECRs to attend the Open Science Conference, Polar2018. Below are testimonials from some of those who received travel grants, illustrating why this form of capacity building is so important.

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"Polar2018 was beyond my expectations, in terms of the connections made and the opportunities created.  I am extremely grateful for funds from both my department (Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury) and AntEco, which allowed me to attend one of the most important conferences in my field...As a first year PhD student, this experience was an extremely valuable part of developing my career and becoming more involved in the polar research community. I am excited for the next step in my career process and hope to further develop the connections and projects discussed during Polar 2018." - A. Hasselman (Full report)

"I was able to attend to talks that were very close to my field and to other a little bit more distant, but all of them were very interesting and helped me to contextualize my work. During these days I met wonderful people, some stars I always read about, but also young budding stars with strong motivation and amazing ideas! I came back to Belgium with new inspiration for my researchs and very nice memories!" - B. Durieu (Full report)

"Attending the SCAR conference held in Davos has been a very interesting and educational experience. It has served to strengthen contacts and possible new collaborations, as well as strengthen existing links and works with other researchers. It has also been a great experience to attend the new research studies that are on going in Antarctica. For all this I can only be grateful for the opportunity that Anteco has given to me." C. Angulo (Full report)

"As early career researchers working on Antarctic case studies, attending SCAR conferences plays a crucial role to develop and integrate our projects within the Antarctic network. Polar 2018 was also the exceptional opportunity to combine and strengthen this network with the Arctic community." C. Guillaumot (Full report)

"Attending the conference provided some breakthrough conversations, as I was able to engage with scientists and researchers outside of my biological circles, particularly in paleoclimate reconstruction and biogeochemical modeling." J. McQuaid

"Attending talks outside of my field provided me with a more holistic understanding of Antarctica, particularly with regards to past climactic and glacial conditions, and has inspired me to develop interdisciplinary projects for the future...I would not have been able to attend this conference if it wasn't for the generous funding from AntEco. Thank you!" K. Layton (Full report)

"Expanding my network is extremely important in paving my career path and attending this conference has further motivated me to broaden my horizons overseas." M. Waterman (Full report)

"POLAR2018 was intense and lively. There were so many people, meetings, talks and posters but the whole event was full of great questions, interesting debate and ideas for collaborations and ways of working better together into the future." N. Hellessey (Full report)

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