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Antarctic Sea-ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt)


ASPeCt was an important planner and participant in the National Academy of Science’s Antarctic sea ice variability and trends workshop held in January 2016. ASPeCt was represented by – Workshop Organizing Committee members – Marilyn Raphael, Ted Maksym and participants – Steve Ackley and Sharon Stammerjohn. This workshop addressed our current understanding of processes driving Antarctic sea ice changes. A workshop report will be out later in summer.

ASPeCt scientists at AWI conducted a Polarstern expedition to the Weddell Sea with a focus on sea ice thermodynamics and snow cover. They used an ROV for under-ice studies along and deployed a suite of buoys. A map and reports on this expedition may be found here under the label PS89. This cruise also contributed to additional ASPeCT sea ice observations, which are also available from Pangaea.


ASPeCt participated two COMNAP workshops in 2015. The first was the Sea Ice Challenges Workshop in Tasmania, in May 2015. The aim of this workshop was to explore the sea ice challenges our National Antarctic programs are experiencing in some parts of Antarctica right now and especially the past few seasons. ASPeCt members gave presentations on the science and logistics and participated in the discussions.

The second was the SCAR/COMNAP ARC workshop in Tromso in August 2015. This workshop discussed the logistics/infrastructure requirements coming out of the SCAR Horizon Scan in 2014. Steve Ackley participated in the workshop, providing the sea ice input for icebreakers, autonomous vehicles, buoy networks, satellite observations etc. Two surveys were conducted prior to that workshop and a majority of responses supported Sea Ice as a discipline. This indicates the growing importance of ASPeCt related science in the future undertakings in Antarctic/Southern Ocean research.

For information on meetings, see the ASPeCt website.