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Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at the Sea-Ice Interfaces (BEPSII)

Commentary published on the implications of sea-ice management for Arctic biogeochemistry

The SCAR-sponsored research community on Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at Sea-Ice Interfaces (BEPSII) has published a commentary outlining how geoengineering strategies to slow sea-ice melting would affect not only Earth’s climate, but also the biology and chemistry of the oceans, atmosphere, and ice.

The authors conclude that

In the face of widespread anthropogenic impacts on the global Earth system, humanity has a responsibility to consider and investigate ways to limit the damage. However, Earth is a complex system, and the law of unintended consequences is incontrovertible.

You can read the full opinion piece on the EOS - Science News by AGU website.

BEPSII SeaIce CI Figure Miller

You can read the full opi