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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Group

The Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) is an initiative to support women and girls’ equal access to science education, fostering equal opportunity and treatment for females in their careers. SCGES has set up a monthly event series highlighting various topics of interest around the focus tasks of the Committee.

On July 20th 2023 SCAR organized a webinar within this serie entitled: "Gender equality and beyond in the polar sciences"

SCGES webinar organized by SCAR: "Gender equality and beyond in the polar sciences" (20th of July 2023)

The webinar was very well attended. A report is available at the SCGES YouTube channel.


  • Pilvi Muschitiello, SCAR EDI Action Group and DiPSI, British Antarctic Survey: “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in international organisations – insights from SCAR”
  • Angus Aldis, Accessibility in Polar Research: “Polar Challenges: Access Polar and the need for Disabled Inclusion and Representation in Polar Research”
  • Kimberley Aiken, University of Tasmania: “Nurturing the I in Diversity”
  • Anne Treasure, South African Polar Research Infrastructure: “Gender equality and beyond in the polar sciences – A South African Perspective”


  • Renuka Badhe, European Polar Board; Women in Polar Science
  • Adriana Gulisano, Chief Officer SCAR EDI Action Group
  • Morgan Seag, Leadership Steering Group Member, SCAR EDI AG
  • Jilda Caccavo, Deputy Chief Officer SCAR EDI Action Group
  • Inga Beck, SCAR