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Birds and Marine Mammals (EG-BAMM)

Polar Wildlife Health Eg BammThe SCAR EG-BAMM Wildlife Health Monitoring group are hosting an online webinar to discuss past, present and future impacts on the Health of Polar Wildlife.

Please join us on 20th October at 7 pm (GMT)

The workshop will be hosted by Black Bawks and streamed live via Zoom  The participation link will be emailed to registered participants before the event.

Registration: Please register for the workshop here or at

See the workshop flyer for all information.
For further information please contact Dr Meagan Dewar (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Draft schedule for the workshop:

Time (GMT) 

Time (AEST) 



20th October 

21st October 

7:00 PM 

6:00 AM 


Andres Barbosa Meagan Dewar 

7:10 PM 

6:10 AM 

Risk Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 in Antarctic Wildlife 

Andres Barbosa 

7:25 PM 

6:25 AM 

Microbes-Parasites in Antarctic Wildlife Workshop 

Michelle Power 

7:40 PM 

6:40 AM 

Polar Wildlife Health Workshop, POLAR2018. 

Thierry Boulinier 

7:55 PM 

6:55 AM 


8:10 PM 

7:10 AM 

Knowledge Gaps - Birds 

Michelle Wille 

8:25 PM 

7:25 AM 

Knowledge Gaps - Mammals 


8:40 PM 

7:40 AM 


8:50 PM 

7:50 AM 

Parasites of Polar Wildlife 

Ralph Vanstreels, Daniel Alfonso Gonzalez Acuna, Julia Diaz 

9:10 PM 

8:10 AM 

Avian Cholera in Sub-Antarctic Wildlife 

Amandine Gamble 

9:25 PM 

8:25 AM 

Using genomics for disease surveillance 

Meagan Dewar 

9:40 PM 

8:40 AM 

Biosecurity and logistics in Polar Regions 


10:00 PM 

9:00 AM 

Closing Remarks 

Andres Barbosa