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Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic (OpMet)

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Latest news:
1. 2016 December 2 - To date 34 named ships and many others whose position is only known have visited Antarctic waters this season. Only 11 have contributed synoptic observations.
2. 2016 November 11 - Tourist ships are now operating in Antarctic waters, though only one anonymous ship has contributed weather observations
3. 2016 October 31 - The first summer visiting supply and research ships are beginning to arrive.
4. 2016 July 1 - During 2015/16 at least 99 ships visited Antarctic waters. Only 27 reported meteorological observations on the GTS.
5. 2016 January 14 - Two new German stations 89011 (Soerasen) and 89047 (Filchner) added to the AntON listing. SYNOPs from these stations are now available.

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