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Plastic in Polar Environments (Plastic-AG)

Plastic in Polar Environments logo webRegistration for the first Plastic in the Polar Environment workshop is now open.

The workshop will take place on 28-29 October at the University of Hull, UK. The theme of the workshop is "Plastic in the Polar Environment: sources, impacts and solutions". Plastic, and most recently, micro- and nanoplastic pollution, is now widely accepted to be one of the world’s biggest environmental concerns, and is found even in the world’s most remote habitats, including both Polar regions. While there has been a great deal of research into plastic pollution in more populated areas of the world, little is known about the impacts of plastics on Polar Regions. This is an emerging and timely area of research that necessitates a co-ordinated scientific focus.

Please note that this is now a two-day workshop, not three days as originally planned.

The workshop is sponsored and hosted by the Energy and Environment Institute (EEI) at the University of Hull.

Register for the workshop.