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Plastic in Polar Environments (Plastic-AG)

Plastic in Polar Environments logo banner webSCAR's Plastic in Polar Environments group (Plastic-AG) is running a session at the 2021 annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), to be held online on 3-6 May 2021.

The group is calling for abstracts for the session 2-13: Unravelling the occurrence and impact of multiple stressors of natural and anthropogenic origin pollutants in Polar Regions (within Track 2 - Ecotoxicology becomes stress ecology: from population to ecosystems and landscapes).

The session will be a contribution to the Plastic-AG outputs and will be jointly co-chaired by Ilaria Corsi from Siena University, Clara Manno from British Antarctic Survey, Ilka Peeken from Alfred Wegener Institute and José Xavier from University of Coimbra.

Abstracts are to be submitted before 2 December 2020 on the SETAC Europe 2021 website.