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Remote Sensing of Birds and Animals

August 2016:

The Remote Sensing AG were active with convened sessions and a group meeting at the 2016 SCAR Open Science Conference:

22nd and 23rd August: OSC Session 21: Remote sensing of the Antarctic environment: Multidisciplinary Advances:

Conveners : Hong Tat Ewe, Shridhar Jawak, Rob Massom, Oscar Schofield & Hans-Ulrich Peter

20 talks and 16 poster presentations were submitted. One young scientist received financial support from the Remote Sensing AG.

20th August : A joint meeting of the Remote Sensing AG and the new SOOS working Group Censusing Animal Populations from Space (CAPS) was held. Half of the day was devoted to SCAR Action Group business, and half to discussing the CAPS pack-ice seal census project.