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RINGS Action Group (ice sheet margin)

A new article has been published in Eos, Science News by AGU, to detail the work of the RINGS Action Group.

The Antarctic Ice Sheet (AIS) is the largest freshwater mass on Earth and accurate projections of the future evolution of the ice sheet are essential for mitigating potential risks to people and infrastructure along continental coastlines and on low-lying islands. The article explains the work of RINGS, which driven by the need for an internationally collaborative approach for studying the AIS’s margins.

Make sure to read the full article here:

Citation: Matsuoka, K., R. Forsberg, F. Ferraccioli, G. Moholdt, and M. Morlighem (2022), Circling Antarctica to unveil the bed below its icy edge, Eos, 103, Published on 15 June 2022.