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Solid Earth Response and influence on Cryospheric Evolution (SERCE)

Ohio State University Stone Laboratory, Gibraltar Island (Lake Erie), Ohio.  September, 2015

GIA School GroupTen international instructors:  Mike Bentley, Mike Bevis, Ian Dalziel, Erik Ivins, Giorgio Spada, Holger Steffen, Pippa Whitehouse, Wouter van der Wal, Doug Wiens, Terry Wilson

Funding for the Training School came from the SCAR-SERCE budget and the NSF-POLENET project.  Funding covered all participation costs for instructors and students on site, and partial travel support for the majority of participants.  

The extensive organization for the training school was implemented by Wilson and POLENET project staff at Ohio State University.  

A widely publicized call for applications yielded nearly 150 submissions.  Through a selection process, 45 participants from 16 countries were selected and invited; participants included 25 PhD students, 4 Postdocs and 12 Researchers/Faculty.  Real time virtual participation was made available throughout the school – there were 31 ‘virtual participants’ from 8 additional countries.  The virtual participants were able to ask questions in real time.

Participants were given intensive training on GIA modeling and relevant processes, including ice mass change, solid-earth deformation, and sea-level and geoid variations.  An introduction to the fundamentals of GIA modeling, including model inputs, methods, and current state of GIA models was discussed.  Students learned about relevant data used to generate, tune, and constrain GIA models, including geologic/geomorphologic and ice core records, GPS, seismic, tide gauge, satellite gravity, and satellite altimetry.  The program included both lectures and computer exercises utilizing freely available modeling software, and participants left with an understanding of the theory and development behind GIA modeling as well the practical ability to independently install and run GIA modeling software.

All lectures during the 13-19 September Training School were recorded. These recordings include the slides presented as well as audio from each lecturer.  Links to view the lectures are at:

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