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SCAR Krill Expert Group (SKEG)

Krill AG BMeyer webA virtual workshop to evaluate change in Antarctic krill populations and to develop solutions for the future sampling of krill will be held on 26-30 April 2021.

The workshop, sponsored by the WWF, will look at how the scientific community can develop existing sampling methods, newly emerging techniques, and new forms of collaboration to tackle pressing issues in krill biology. The workshop will focus on two questions: First, what are existing sampling methods telling us about changes in krill populations? Second, how can newly emerging approaches and the next generation of krill scientists help us understand change within krill populations?

The online workshop will be morning sessions only (UTC, Monday to Friday) and open with a review of the key issues, uncertainties, and knowledge gaps identified by the recent SKAG paper (Meyer et al. 2020). Each day will focus on 2-3 topics, with short presentations by established- and early-career scientists, interspersed with structured discussion. The workshop will produce a peer-reviewed paper on change in the krill-based food web; specifically on what various direct and indirect indices of krill are telling us about change, and what additional insights can be provided by newly developing approaches.

For more details, see the updated pdf Krill Workshop Information (163 KB) .
Register for the workshop via the online registration form.