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SCAR Krill Expert Group (SKEG)

Krill Lisa Pitzschler Krilschwarm webThe SCAR Krill Action Group meeting will be held online from 7-11 March 2022, 15:00-17:00 UTC.

Registration is now open. Please register via the online form to receive your online meeting invitation.

The agenda is available to view and download from pdf the SCAR Library (109 KB) .

The meeting will start with updates from MEASO, ICED, CCAMLR, and a new group, the Science and Industry Forum (SIF). The following two days will feature sessions on using new instruments and techniques (e.g. gliders) along with fishing vessels for data collection, and discussions on ways in which the krill community can use these research platforms to close knowledge gaps. We will then hear talks from SKAG Early-Career Researchers and a keynote talk from Dr Kim Bernard. Discussions will aim to identify ways to improve scientific inputs into CCAMLR and develop cooperation with SIF. The final day, 11th March, will include a concluding discussion session, a brief administrative session on SKAG organization and board membership and a special session for contributors to the SKAG 2021 workshop manuscript.