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Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics and Global Sea Level (AISSL)


Chief Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (New Zealand)

Proposed Membership

Name Nationality Expertise
Tom Bracegirdle UK Climate Dynamics
Lara Perez UK Marine geophysics
Mike Bentley UK Paleoclimatology
Jen Strugnell AUS genetics
Peter Convey UK terrestrial paleoecology
Pippa Whitehouse UK Geodynamics
Nancy Bertler NZ ice cores
Joellen Russell USA oceanography
Tim Naish NZ paleoclimatology
Laura DeSantis Italy paleooceanography
Catherine Ritz France Glaciology
Florence Colleoni Italy climate ice sheet modelling
Franke Nitsche Germany marine geophysics
Rob Dunbar USA Paleoclimatology
Richard Levy NZ Paleoclimatology
Jae Il Lee Korea Paleoclimatology
Heidi Roop USA Climate policy
Sun Bo China geology, glaciology
Terry Wilson USA geology/tectonics
Kathy Licht USA paleoclimatology
Marcelo Leppe Chile paleobiology
Matt King Australia geodesy
Katherine Hendry UK oceanography
Stewart Jamieson UK geology
Karsten Gohl Germany geology
Mathieu Casado Italy ice cores
Barbara Stenni Italy ice cores
Denise Kulhanek USA paleontology
Sharon Robinson Australia Terrestrial paleoecology
Nerida Wilson Australia genetics
Ian Hogg Canada terrestrial paleoecology
Rob DeConto USA ice sheet modelling
Natalya Gomez Canada geodynamics
Jacqueline Austermann USA Geodynamics
Andrew Dutton USA paleo sea level
Louise Sime UK ice cores
Steven Rintoul Australia oceanography
Michiel van den Broeke Netherlands surface mass balance
Jan Lenaerts USA surface mass balance
Minoru Ikehara Japan paleooceanography
Anna Wahlin Sweden oceanography
Martin Siegert UK glaciology
Huw Horgan NZ glacial geophysics
Samantha Hansen USA geodynamics
Doug Wiens USA geodynamics
Jacqui Halpin USA geodynamics
Kirsty Tinto USA airborne geophysics
Fausto Ferraccioli UK airborne geophysics
Jacqueline Stefels Netherlands biogeochemistry
Rob Bingham UK radar
Iliana Wainer Brazil oceanography
Tina van de Flierdt UK geochemistry
Nick Golledge NZ ice sheet modelling
Carlota Escutia Spain paleoclimatology
Daniela Liggett NZ social science
Nerilie Abram Australia climate dynamics/paleoclimateology
Ian Goodwin Australia paleoclimatology
Steven Chown Australia ecology

Relevant links will be added in due course

Data from AISSL will be added as they become available