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Integrated Science to Support Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation (Ant-ICON)

The  Ant-ICON Group (Integrated Science to Support Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation) is a Programme Planning Group (PPG), which is working to develop one of the next generation of SCAR's flagship Scientific Research Programmes (SRPs). 

Ant-ICON aims to answer fundamental science questions (as identified by the SCAR Horizon Scan), relating to the conservation and management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.  It will focus on research to drive and inform international decision-making and policy change.

While there is a strong biological focus for much of the research, the proposed SRP will integrate research from multiple disciplines, complement existing SCAR activities and work with feedback from policy bodies to achieve conservation outcomes in Antarctica and protect Antarctic values. The SRP will focus on four research themes, broadly covering: i) integrated forecasting of future change to support conservation planning; ii) environmental sustainability of human activities in Antarctica; iii) Antarctic conservation in a global context; and iv) socio-ecological approaches to conservation planning.