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Near-term Variability and Prediction of the Antarctic Climate System (AntClimnow)


The joint Chief Officers of AntClimNow are: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Steering Committee

Erik Behrens NZ Physical
Tom Bracegirdle UK Physical
Rachel Cavanagh UK Biological
Sheeba Chenoli Malaysia Physical
Matt England Australia Physical
Ryan Fogt USA Physical
Irina Gorodetskaya Portugal Physical
Alia Khan USA Physical
Seong-Joong Kim Republic of Korea Physical
Jan Lenaerts USA Physical
Shelley MacDonell Chile Physical
Waliur Rahaman India Physical
Craig Stevens NZ Physical
Liz Thomas UK Physical
Ilana Wainer Brazil Physical
Zhaomin Wang China Physcial


Nerilie  Abram Physical
Erik Behrens Physical
Nancy  Bertler Physical
Saurabh Bhardwaj Physical
Giovanni Bianchini Physical
Azizan bin Abu Samah Physical
Deniz Bozkurt Physical
Tom  Bracegirdle Physical
David Bromwich Physical
Ronald Buss de Souza Physical
Thomas Caton Harrison Physical
Rachel  Cavanagh Biological
Francisco Cereceda-Balic Physical
Sheeba Chenoli Physical
Kyle Clem Physical
Raul Cordero Physical
Stuart  Corney Biological
Quentin Dalaiden Physical
Ryan Fogt Physical
Christophe Genthon Physical
Gibies George Physical
Sergi González Physical
Irina Gorodetskaya Physical
Gurumoorthi Gurumoorthi Physical
Judith Hauck Physical
Petra  Heil  Physical
Günther Heinemann Physical
Will Hobbs Physical
Caroline Holmes Physical
Maria  Hörhold Physical
Scott Hosking Physical
Jun Inoue Physical
Emilia Kyung Jin Physical
Siobhan  Johnson Physical
Julie  Jones Physical
Nicolas  Jourdain Physical
Alia  Khan Physical
Seong-Joong Kim Physical
Christoph  Kittel Physical
Naomi Krauzig Physical
Jasmine  Lee Biological
Jan Lenaerts Physical
Chiara Lombardi Biological
Shelley MacDonell Physical
Gareth Marshall Physical
Francois Massonnet Physical
Felicity McCormack Physical
Martin Menegoz Physical
Akhilesh Mishra  Physical
Ruth Mottram Physical
Andrew  Orr Physical
Akash Mallan Patil Physical
Helen Phillips Physical
Steven  Phipps Physical
Ariaan Purich Physical
Waliur Rahaman Physical
Marilyn Raphael Physical
James Renwick Physical
Lettie Roach Physical
Estelvina  Rodríguez Portillo Physical
Joellen  Russell Physical
Jiuxin Shi Physical
Luciana  Shigihara Lima Physical
Alessandro Silvano Physical
Sibin Simon Physical
Doug Smith Physical
Craig Stevens Physical
Aleks Terauds  Biological
Liz Thomas Physical
Andrew Thompson Physical
Marcos Tonelli Physical
Christian Torres Physical
John  Turner Physical
Michiel van den Broeke Physical
Ilana Wainer Physical
Zhaomin  Wang Physical
Takashi Yamanouchi Physical
Siti Aqlima Ahmad Biological
Farah Eryssa Binti Ahmad Saiful Khalid Biological
Dermot Antoniades Physical
Julie  Arblaster Physical
Angelika Brandt Biological
Jorge Carrasco Physical
Thomas  Chen Physical
Florence Colleoni Physical
Alfredo Costa Physical
Annie Crabtree Physical
Shayna De Silva Physical
Pranab Deb Physical
Dolores Deregibus Biological
Martin Diaz Physical
Mark England Physical
Matt England Physical
Nora Fahrenbach Physical
Agneta Fransson Physical
Natasha Gardiner Physical
Hugues Goosse Physical
Naohiko Hirasawa Physical
Oakes Holland Physical
Xiaoxia Huang Physical
Ricardo Jaña Physical
Nadine Johnston Physical
Athul Kaitheri Physical
Deneb Karentz Physical
Anne Kershaw Physical
Andreas Klocker Physical
Bishnu Kunwar Physical
stephy libera Physical
Syuen Lim Biological
Renan Lima Biological
Athirrah Mazuki Physical
Shivaprakash Muruganandham Physical
Debarati Nag Physical
Shanta Kumar Negi Physical
Camila Negrão Signori Physical
Aude Noiret Physical
Baljinnyam Nyamjantsan Physical
Takashi Obase Physical
Sangjong Park Physical
Vivian Pellizari Physical
Diana Pralea Physical
Nurul Aini Puasa Biological
Esme Robinson Physical
Natalie Robinson Physical
Venisse Schossler Physical
Julia Selivanova Physical
Shantong Sun Shantong Sun Physical
Garima Sharma Physical
Yidongfang Si Physical
Gabriel Silvestri Physical
Sonya Fiddes Sonya Fiddes Physical
Aakriti Srivastava Physical
Hajar Taufik Biological
Heitor Tozzi Physical
Valeria Trezza Physical
Shreya  Trivedi Physical
Alessandra Venuti Physical
Gayathiri Verasoundarapandian Biological
Trista Vick-Majors Physical
Imogen Wadlow Physical
Claire Waluda Biological
Jonathan Wille Physical
Rasidnie Wong Biological
How Swen Yap Physical
Nadhirah Zakaria Biological
Laura Zucconi Physical
Azham Zulkharnain Biological
Louise Sime Physical
Clare Eayrs Physical
Jess Macha Physical
Bishal Dhungana Physical
Muhammad Hasifullah Ibrahim Physical
Xia Lin Physical
Kenichi Matsuoka Physical
Daniele Bortoli Physical
Naga Rajesh Anandan Physical
Sarah Kachovich Physical
Pablo Francisco Zenteno Soto Physical
Vito  Vitale Physical
Alexander Haumann Physical
Meryl Liam Meza Elguera Physical
Davrinche Cécile Physical
Claudia Frangipani Physical
Anvi Y Physical
Marie Cavitte Physical
Mariana Barbosa Lisboa Physical
Jonathan Rosser Physical
Hua Lu Physical
Naoyuki Kurita Physical
Edward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth Physical
Cecile Agosta Physical
Baljinnyam Nyamjantsan Physical
Nathalia Gorito da Silva Physical
Naomi Krauzig Physical
Zachary Espinosa Physical
Eui-Seok Chung Physical
Sun Shantong Physical
Petlicki Michal Physical
Qinggang Gao Physical
James  Haselman Physical
Stravroula Biri Physical
Maria Osinska Physical
Hidetaka Kobayashi Physical
Kaviyarasan Clement Physical
Yushi Morioka Physical
Angelo Lupi Physical
Regina Ferreira Physical
Giuseppe Aulicino Physical

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