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Antarctic Wildlife Health Network (AWHN)

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Publications, data and links of interest to the Antarctic Wildlife Health Network Community, a working group of EG-BAMM

+ Publications

Publications by the Antarctic Wildlife Health Network:

Meagan Dewar, Michelle Wille, Amandine Gamble, Ralph Vanstreels, Thierry Boulinier, Adrian Smith, Arvind Varsani, Norman Ratcliffe, Jennifer Black, Amanda Lynnes (2023). The Risk of Avian Influenza in the Southern OceanA practical guide for operators interacting with wildlife. EcoEvoRxiv (Preprint), 

Boulinier, T. (2023). Avian influenza spread and seabird movements between colonies. Trends in Ecology and Evolution (In Press) 

Andrés Barbosa, Arvind Varsani, Virginia Morandini, Wray Grimaldi, Ralph ET Vanstreels, Julia I Diaz, Thierry Boulinier, Meagan Dewar, Daniel González-Acuña, Rachael Gray, Clive R McMahon, Gary Miller, Michelle Power, Amandine Gamble, Michelle Wille. (2021). Risk assessment of SARS-CoV-2 in Antarctic wildlife. Science of the Total Environment, 755, Part 2: 143352

Julia I Diaz, Bruno Fusaro, Virginia Vidal, Daniel González-Acuña, Erli Schneider Costa, Meagan Dewar, Rachael Gray, Michelle Power, Gary Miller, Michaela Blyton, Ralph Vanstreels, Andrés Barbosa (2017). Macroparasites in Antarctic Penguins. Biodiversity and Evolution of Parasitic Life in the Southern Ocean. S. Klimpel, T. Kuhn and H. Mehlhorn. Cham, Springer International Publishing: 183-204.

Andres Barbosa, Erli Schneider Costa, Meagan Dewar, Daniel González-Acuña, Rachael Gray, Michelle Power, Ralph Eric Thijl Vanstreels. (2015). Antarctic wildlife diseases.


+ Data

Data from the Antarctic Wildlife Health Network will be added as they become available

+ Links

Relevant links will be added in due course