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Earth Observation Action Group (EOAG)


The chair of the Earth Observation Action Group is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Committee Members

The following list shows the name, institute and country for the EOAG panel members. The breadth of thematic areas represented illustrates the broad reach of the EOAG, which will advocate for any measurement (ice, ocean atmosphere, biological), that can be measured by Earth observation satellites, over the Antarctic and Southern Ocean region (up to 60° S).

Name Institute Country
Dr Anna E. Hogg (Chair) University of Leeds UK
Prof Helen Fricker Scripps Institution of Oceanography USA
Prof Ian Joughin University of Washington USA
Dr Stefan Hendricks Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Germany
Prof Ted Scambos National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) USA
Prof Matthew England University of New South Wales Australia
Dr Michel Van Roozendael Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy Belgium
Dr Tamsin Edwards Kings College London UK
Dr Chris Banks National Oceanography Centre (NOC) UK

Representatives from Existing SCAR Groups

We aim for the EOAG to compliment the work of existing SCAR groups. To facilitate this, we have official representatives from some SCAR groups that act as a communication link to the EOAG. The following list shows the SCAR group, name, institute and country for these representatives:

SCAR Group Name Institute Country
Solid Earth Response and Influence on Cryosphere Evolution (SERCE) Prof Rene Forsberg Danish Technical University (DTU) Denmark
Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic (OpMet) Dr Matthew A. Lazzara University of Wisconsin-Madison USA