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Geological Heritage and Geo-conservation

Publications, Data and Links of interest to the Antarctic Geological Heritage and Geoconservation Community

+ Data

Data from the group on Geoconservation will be added as they become available.

+ Links

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (2005) Guidelines for Environmental Assessment in Antarctica.

URL http://www.ats.aq/documents/recatt/Att266_e.pdf

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetingy (2000) Guidelines for implementation of the Framework for Protected Areas set forth in Article 3, Annex V of the Environmental Protocol.

URL http://www.ats.aq/documents/recatt/Att081_e.pdf

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (2011) Antarctic Specially Protected Area visitor report form (Appendix 2 of the Guide to the preparation of management plans for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas).

URL http://www.ats.aq/documents/recatt/Att477_e.pdf


UK, Argentina, Australia & Spain (2014) The Antarctic Protected Area system: protection of outstanding geological features. Working Paper 35. Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting XXXVII, Brasilia, Brazil, 28 April–7 May 2014.