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Anna (PhD, University of Otago), is a senior lecturer and co-director of the Centre for Recreation Research. Prior to academia, she worked in various NZ national parks for the Departments of Conservation/Lands and Survey. She worked a season at Scott Base (October 1993-January 1994) spending time at the Ross Island historic huts, Mt Erebus, Cape Crozier and the Dry Valleys. Anna is an editorial board of Tourism in Marine Environments and the Journal of Heritage Tourism. She is on the NZ Mountain Safety Council National Research Committee and is a Ministerial appointment to the Otago Conservation Board. Anna has been a visiting researcher at the Universities of Stavanger (Norway), Edinburgh (UK), Alberta and UNBC/Northern British Columbia (Canada) and Harstad Hogskollin (Norway). She is a member of the International Polar Tourism Research Network and abstract reviewer for IPRTN Conference IV.

Research projects / interests:

  • Sustainable tourism in Polar regions
  • Indigenous Tourism
  • Wilderness recreation management
  • Interpretation, Visitor Education
  • Parks and Protected Area Management

For publications visit: Anna's Otago page and Centre for Recreation Research

Keywords: Tourism, Wilderness, Recreation, Cultural Studies, Values.