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Carolyn Philpott is a Senior Lecturer in Musicology at the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music, as well as an Adjunct Senior Researcher at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. She has published widely on Antarctic-related music and soundscape-based compositions in journals and books in the fields of musicology and Antarctic studies. She is also interested in multisensory experiences of Antarctica, especially the role of sound in visitors’ engagements with the icescape. She is currently co-editing (with Matt Delbridge and Elizabeth Leane) a book titled Performing Ice for Palgrave Macmillan’s Performing Landscapes series.

  • Research projects / interests include:
    • Representations of Antarctica in music and sound
    • The role of the senses (especially the aural) in Antarctic experiences
    • Cultural history of the Antarctic region

  • For publications visit: Carolyn's UTAS page

Keywords: Music, Sound, Film, Cultural Studies, History, Place, Multisensory Experience, Antarctica