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Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Türkiye

 Ebru Caymaz web

Ebru Caymaz is an Assistant Professor from Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Türkiye. Her first PhD is in the field of Business Administration and she has mainly concentrated on sustainability and sustainable development. In order to conduct further studies uniting the polar issues with sustainable development, she has currently been attending her 2nd PhD lectures in the fields of Political Sciences and International Relations. She has traveled through Greenland twice and conducted field research with the indigenous residents to develop an inclusive adaptive governance model by using the method of in-depth interview. She has organized several public events to increase awareness of climate change and resilience. Currently, she proceeds to conduct interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies and her main research interests are adaptive governance, science diplomacy, and sustainable development.

Research projects / interests:

  • Adaptive Governance
  • Resilience
  • Science Diplomacy
  • Sustainable Development

For publications visit: Ebru's Google Scholar page.

To get in touch: email

Areas of interest:

  • Polar Governance
  • Humanities
  • Antarctic Treaty System
  • History
  • Environmental Management
  • Geopolitics
  • Human Geography
  • Cultural Studies
  • Values

Keywords: Governance, Resilience, Science Diplomacy, Sustainability