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Dr Hanne Nielsen specialises in representations of Antarctica in popular media, advertising, and theatre. She holds a Masters in Antarctic Studies from the University of Canterbury on the topic of Antarctic Theatre, and a PhD in Representations of Antarctica at the University of Tasmania. Her main focus is on how Antarctica has been used in advertising media. Hanne has worked onboard Antarctic tour ships, lecturing on human interactions with the southern continent, and is also a past-president of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists.

    • Current research projects:
    • Experiences of women in Antarctica
    • Antarctic tourism and guiding practices

  • Previous research projects
    • ‘Not For Sale?: Representations of Antarctica for Commercial Purposes.’ PhD Project. University of Tasmania. 2014-2017.
      This project analysed advertisements that featured Antarctica, and identified five key themes: Heroism, extremity, purity, fragility, and transformation. (Monograph forthcoming)
    • ‘From Shelter to Showpiece: The Evolution of Antarctic Stations.’ COMNAP Report. 2013/14.
    • ‘The Wide White Stage: Representations of Antarctica in theatrical Productions.’ Masters Thesis. University of Canterbury. 2013.
  • For publications visit: Hanne's page on the UTAS website, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Keywords: Literature, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Theatre, Architecture, History, Antarctica, Tourism.