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University of São Paulo, Brazil

Ignacio Javier Cardone web

Post-doctoral researcher on the International Relations Study Centre of the University of São Paulo (Brazil). PhD in International Relations (2019) by the joint graduate programme of King´s College London (UK) and the International Relations Institute of the University of São Paulo (Brazil). Master’s in Political Science (2015) by the University of Parana (Brazil). His current research agenda includes the links between climate change and Antarctic governance, the links between Science and politics in the shape of the Antarctic regime, the Brazilian policy for Antarctica and the Evolution of the Antarctic regime.

Research Projects / Interests:

  • Climate change and Antarctic governance
  • The evolution of the governance of Antarctica
  • The role of science in shaping the Antarctic international relations previous to the Antarctic Treaty
  • The negotiations for the Antarctic international regime
  • Brazil’s politics towards Antarctica
  • Latin America and Antarctica

Website: ORCID

Keywords: Antarctic Governance; Antarctic Treaty System; science-diplomacy; epistemic community; climate change; Brazil; Latin-America.