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Luis Valentin Ferrada Walker web

Luis Valentín Ferrada-Walker teaches International Law in the Law Faculty, University of Chile, and in other Chilean universities. He received his PhD in Law in October 2015 from the University of Chile. His doctoral thesis “Jurisdicción y medio ambiente en el Sistema del Tratado Antártico” (“Jurisdiction and environment on the Antarctic Treaty System”) demonstrates that the exercise of jurisdiction in conformity with the Antarctic Treaty System agreements, and especially in conformity with the Annex VI of the Environmental Protocol of Antarctic Treaty, is not enough and is in part inadequate to confront the legal problems in relation to the damage of the Antarctic environment. More broadly, he is interested in the evolution of the Antarctic Treaty System as an international regime and in the role of the international and domestic law as instruments to protect the Antarctic environment. He is also interested in Antarctic history and geopolitics.

Keywords: International Law, Geopolitics, Polar Governance, History, Environmental Protection