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Minh Bui is currently an undergraduate student in the School of Economics, University of Sydney (USYD), Australia. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Young Researcher Scholarship (YRS) instituted by the Social Science and Humanities Research Association (SSHRA). Under this scholarship, he presented his research paper “Neoclassical and Classical perspectives on Competition in the Australian banking sector” at the VIth International Conference on Business, Economics, Law, Language & Psychology (ICBELLP) in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is also a recipient of a mobility grant under the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFAT) New Colombo Plan (NCP), where he undertook a semester exchange at Universitas Indonesia (UI) in the second half of 2018. Minh is currently undertaking another semester exchange at University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Minh’s areas of competency include Economics, with special reference to regulations, foreign trade, and tax policy.  

He is currently interested in undertaking research into the future of economic activity on Antarctica and its surrounding waters. His interests also include the use of public and economic policies to maintain the status quo of environmental preservation on Antarctica. He is also an active member and volunteer of organisations like Australian Refugee Volunteers (ARV) and Vis-à-Vis (VAV). Minh has represented Australia as a delegate at the 8th Australia-China Emerging Leader’s Summit (ACELS8), held in Shanghai, China, on the theme of Sino-Australian trade, the challenges surrounding it, and the future trajectory of the Chinese economy.   

  • Research projects / interests:
    • Fisheries
    • Tourism
    • Economic activity on Antarctica
    • Antarctic Treaty System
    • Environmental protection
    • Regulation of Antarctic mineral resource activities

  • For publications: please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

Keywords: Economics, Regulations, Fisheries, Tourism, Minerals