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Culminating over 120+ publications in journals, newspapers, and books, Peter's research and advocacy initiatives have had significant impacts for youth and vulnerable populations across Canada and the world. His notable innovations include validating the use of an app for more efficient resuscitation of ~40,000 newborn infants in low-resource and developing countries and modeling a novel prosthetic device for over 700,000+ stroke patients worldwide. He has also conceived a novel techniques for management of orthostatic hypotension in space, treatment of decompression sickness, and designed a spacesuit model for effective resuscitation in space. He also researches the effects of confined and isolated prolonged exploration missions in the Arctic and in space. Additionally, Peter has spawned numerous community initiatives including Sharpen the Quill, a virtual mentorship program supporting 200+ students over the past 3 years and as president of ‘RuSH’, Peter collectively raised over $50,000 in 2 years for various causes, including youth homelessness and provision of shelters, disadvantaged and starving families, and the promotion of health, research, and awareness. Through the creation of the ‘Physical Literacy for Active Youth’ programme, Peter has had a regional impact as its founder. Peter have also played a role on Mission Astro:Access, an international effort to expand the scope of accessibility into space by identifying candidates for a historic parabolic flight where they will experience weightlessness as they carry out experiments and observations in conditions simulating lunar and zero gravity.

Research projects / interests:

  • Astromedicine
  • Extreme Medicine
  • Mental health
  • Environments

For publications visit: Peter's Google Scholar page

To get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Areas of interest: 

  • Polar Medicine
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Space Medicine
  • Environmental Management
  • Polar Exploration
  • Prolonged Expeditions
  • Human Geography
  • Accessibility/Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Environment
  • Medical Ethics

Keywords: space medicine, mental health, extreme environments