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Victoria Nuviala web

Victoria Nuviala is assistant professor of History of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires. She has a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Buenos Aires on the topic of Daily life of Industrial Whalers in Antarctica (20th Century). She is currently developing a postdoctoral research on the History of Antarctic Architecture and its future as cultural-historical Heritage. Chair of the Interdisciplinary Research Project on Antarctic Architecture (6044 SUR), she participated on the Argentine Antarctic Program as a Research Assistant on Cultural and Historic Antarctic Heritage Projects. Victoria co-chaired the Informal Discussion on Historic Sites and Monuments (ATS), and was a member of the Argentinian Delegation at the XIV Committee on Environmental Protection and the XXXV Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) held in Buenos Aires (2011). She has been part of several research projects on Antarctic and Southern Patagonia Historical Archaeology, and more recently on the perception of individuals of Material Culture and Heritage in Antarctic tourism. Victoria has worked as Lecturer onboard of Antarctic tourism ships.

  • Research projects / interests:
    • History of Antarctic Architecture
    • Genealogies on Modern and Postmodern Antarctic Architecture
    • Future Scenarios - Heritage
    • Otherness and Animality as Alternative Narratives

  • Areas of interest:
    • Architecture
    • Urbanism
    • Future Scenarios
    • Gender Studies
    • Otherness and Animal Studies
    • Heritage
    • Tourism
    • Modernity Studies

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Keywords: Antarctic Architecture, Urbanism, Antarctic Modernity, Future Scenarios, Heritage, Otherness, Animality, Gender