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Standing Committee on the Humanities and Social Sciences (SC-HASS)


The Chief Officers of the Standing Committee on the Humanities and Social Sciences are Daniela Liggett, Elizabeth Leane and Cornelia Lüdecke. To contact them, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Steering Committee

Dr Adrian Howkins UK Environmental History
Prof Elizabeth Leane (Chief Officer) Australia Literature (Arts and Humanities)
Assoc Prof Daniela Liggett (Chief Officer) New Zealand / Germany Environmental Management / Tourism
Dr Cristian Lorenzo Argentina International Relations
Prof Dr Cornelia Lüdecke (Chief Officer) Germany History
Dr Alejandra Mancilla Norway Political Philosophy
Dr Hanne Nielsen Australia Literary and Cultural Studies
Dr Peder Roberts Norway History
Prof Akiho Shibata Japan Law
Dr Lize-Marié van der Watt Sweden History



SC-HASS welcomes new members. Anyone with a research interest in the Antarctic from a humanities or social science perspective is welcome to join. To apply for membership of the group, please download and complete the document SC-HASS membership form (69 KB) and send it, as a Word document, to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A member of the team will then be in touch. Please note that information provided will be used to create a profile in the SC-HASS Researcher Profile Directory displayed below.


Affiliated Researcher Profiles

Below is a directory of SC-HASS affiliated researchers, with information about home institution, research interests, interest keywords, and links to publications. Members welcome further collaboration, so please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your own Antarctic-related projects. If you are interested in becoming a member, or would like to update the details in your bio, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  



Karen Alexander webKaren Alexander Elias Angele webElias Angele Alessandro Antonello web
Alessandro Antonello
Bruno Arpi webBruno Arpi
Ross Avenell webRoss Avenell Andrew Avery web
Andrew J. Avery  


Renuka Badhe web
Renuka Badhe
Paola Barros Delben webPaola Barros Delben Kees Bastmeijer web
Kees Bastmeijer
0 image
Paolo Botta
Anne Marie Brady web
Anne-Marie Brady
Minh Bui web
Minh Bui 


Ignacio Javier Cardone web
Ignacio Javier
Anna Carr web
Anna Carr
Wai Yin Cheung web
Wilson (Wai-Yin)
Iqra Choudhry web
Iqra Choudry
Craig Cormick web
Craig Cormick
Daniela Cajiao web
Daniela Cajiao
Allison Cusick web
Allison Cusick


Jean de Pomereu web
Jean de Pomereu
Carol Devine web
Carol Devine
Valentina Dinica web
Valentina Dinica
Klaus Dodds web
Klaus Dodds
Elcin Doruk webElçin Doruk Silvia Dotta web
Silvia Dotta 
0 imageSeira Duncan Elisa Dupuis webElisa Dupuis 


Aant Elzinga web
Aant Elzinga
Sarp Erguven webSarp Ergüven    


Luis Valentin Ferrada Walker web
Luis Valentín
0 image
Susanna Ferrar
Patrick Flamm web
Patrick Flamm
Waldemar Fontes web
Waldemar Fontes
Bob Frame webBob Frame 0 image
Ellen C. Frye 


Damien Gildea web
Damien Gildea
Hong Ching Goh web
Hong Ching Goh
Ben Goossen web
Ben Goossen
Johanna Grabow web
Johanna Grabow
Marissa Grunes webMarissa Grunes      


Christy Hehir webChristy Hehir Ingo Heidbrink web
Ingo Heidbrink
Victoria Heinrich webVictoria Heinrich Alan Hemmings web
Alan D. Hemmings
Rebecca Hingley web
Rebecca Hingley
Indi Hodgson Johnston web
Adrian Howkins webAdrian Howkins Katelyn Hudson web
Katelyn Hudson
Linda Hunt webLinda Hunt Timothy Hyde web
Timothy Hyde 


Osamu Inagaki webOsamu Inagaki      


Adele Jackson web
Adele Jackson
Natalia Jaramillo Machuca web
Natalia Jaramillo
Maozeng Jiang web
Maozeng Jiang


Julian Kelly web
Julián Kelly
Ilan Kelman web
Ilan Kelman


Machiel Lamers web
Machiel Lamers
0 image
Charne Lavery
Elizabeth Leane web
Elizabeth Leane
0 image
Heloisa Lemmertz
0 image
Simon Lesenechal
Yu Fai Leung web
Yu-Fai Leung
Elizabeth Lewis Williams web
Lewis Williams
Daniela Liggett web
Daniela Liggett
Kati Lindstrom web
Kati Lindström
Bryan Lintott webBryan Lintott Nengye Liu web
Nengye Liu
Cristian Lorenzo web
Cristian Lorenzo
Anche Louw web
Anche Louw
Cornelia Luedecke webCornelia Lüdecke     


Zia Madani web
Zia Madani
Alejandra Mancilla web
Alejandra Mancilla
Austin Mardon webAustin Mardon Katie Marx web
Katie Marx
Daniella McCahey web
Daniella McCahey
Joy McCann web
Joy McCann
Jeff McGee web
Jeff McGee
0 image
Ashley Meredith
Mikaa Mered web
Mikå Mered
Patricia Millar web
Patricia Millar
James Moser web
James Moser 


Vishnu Namboodiri web
Vishnu Namboodiri
Meredith Nash webMeredith Nash Diego Navarro web
Diego Navarro
Miranda Nieboer web
Miranda Nieboer
Hanne Nielsen web
Hanne Nielsen
Gabriel Noel web
Gabriel D. Noel
Kimberley Norris web
Kimberley Norris
Victoria Nuviala web
Victoria Nuviala 


Alice Oates webAlice Oates Ria Olivier webRia Olivier    



Michael Paroussis web
Michael Paroussis
Michael Pearson web
Michael Pearson
Kimberley Peters webKimberley Peters Carolyn Philpott web
Carolyn Philpott
Jennifer Pickett webJennifer Pickett Igor Portoghese web
Igor Portoghese
Rebecca Priestley web
Rebecca Priestley  


Pedro Marques Quinteiro web
Pedro Marques Quinteiro


Ursula Rack web
Ursula Rack
Gustavo Ramirez Buchheister web
Gustavo Ramírez
John Read web
John Read 
Wilson Rios webWilson Andrés
Ríos Angulo
Leslie Carol Roberts web
Leslie Carol Roberts
Lisa Roberts web
Lisa Roberts
Peder Roberts web
Peder Roberts
Yliana Rodriguez new web
Yliana Rodriguez
Gabriela Roldan web
Gabriela Roldan


Juan Francisco Salazar web
Juan Francisco
Morgan Seag web
Morgan Seag
Brenda Segurel web
Brenda Segurel
Maria Ximena Senatore web
Maria Ximena
Akiho Shibata web
Akiho Shibata
Claudia Silvia web
Claudia Silvia
Katherine Sinclair webKatherine M. Sinclair Nelson Soto Santibanez web
Nelson Soto
Tim Stephens web
Tim Stephens
Emma Stewart web
Emma Stewart
Emmanuelle Sultan web
Emmanuelle Sultan 
Suprita Suman webSuprita Suman


0 image
Lindsay Arthur
Jianye Tang web
Jianye Tang
Pablo Tejedo webPablo Tejedo Francisco Tunez web
Francisco Tuñez


Carlos Pedro Vairo web
Carlos Pedro
Lize Marie van der Watt webLize-Marié
van der Watt
0 image
Nils Vanstappen
0 image
Jane Verbitsky 


Claire Warrior web
Claire Warrior
Edythe Weeks web
Edythe Weeks
Priscilla Wehi webPriscilla Wehi Michael Weisberg web
Michael Weisberg 


Jiangtian Xu web
Jiangtian Xu


Yelena Yermakova web
Yelena Yermakova
Kemal Yildirim webKemal Yildirim    


Andres Zarankin web
Andres Zarankin
Mengzhu Zhang webMengzhu Zhang