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A joint History, Humanities and Social Sciences conference was held at Colorado State University on 20-23 May 2015, entitled: "Antarctic Wilderness: Perspectives from History, the Humanities and the Social Sciences".


A joint panel session and discussion forum was held at the SCAR Open Science Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on 26 August 2014, entitled: "Connecting the past-present-future: studies and methods in history for Antarctic research and science".

A joint Humanities session was held at the OSC on 28 August 2014 entitled: "Presence of the past and methods and innovations in polar social sciences".


A joint workshop was held by the History EG and Social Sciences AG at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK from 1-5 July 2013. The workshop was co-sponsored by SCAR and BAS.

Reports and papers from earlier History Group meetings are available on the History Group Publications page.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group has developed a Research Output Summary on Wilderness, which can be accessed on the group's website.