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Humanities and Social Sciences (HASSEG)

The Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG) aims to bring together researchers in the humanities and social sciences who are addressing these kinds of questions. We faciliate the exchange of news, publications and research ideas, and organizes regular conferences and workshops. We also organize research projects around different topics - the first was “Exploring Antarctic Values”.

The humanities and social sciences study the way humans make meaning of and relate to themselves and the world. In Antarctica, the only continent without an indigenous population or permanent human settlement, the humanities and social sciences address a series of important questions. What kinds of narratives and images do we create to make ourselves at home in a place with such a short human history, and how do these then affect our ongoing interactions with the region? How do we govern it? Who should be able to visit it, and under what conditions? How do people behave in such an isolated and hostile environment? How can we meet the many challenges facing us in our future interactions with the region?