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The horizon is getting closer!

14 August 2013

Planning for the 1st SCAR Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Horizon Scan is continuing apace! Community responses to requests for input have been excellent and the International Steering Committee (ISC) thanks you for your interest and participation – the Horizon Scan will only be a success if the community actively participates!!

Important updates:

  1. Over 750 questions were received for the first community-wide solicitation of the most important and compelling scientific questions in Antarctic science over the next two decades.
  2. The call for nominations of deserving, potential invitees to the Horizon Scan Retreat is now closed. Nearly 800 nominations for almost 500 individuals were received.
  3. The ISC is currently deciding on a final list of Scan Retreat invitees. Invitations will be issued by the end of August / early September 2013 (the budget and venue will accommodate 50 to 60 participants). Invitation is primarily based on excellence and leadership - however, geographic and gender balance and topical coverage is also a consideration. The aim is to bring together the best minds in Antarctic science representative of the breadth and depth of international Antarctic and Southern Ocean science.
  4. The SCAR Science Horizon Scan Retreat will be held from April 21 to 23, 2014 at Millbrook Resort, Queenstown, New Zealand. Please block these dates on your calendars!

Important Up-coming activities

  1. Second community-wide solicitation of future-oriented scientific questions - The first round question submissions are available on-line and in this second solicitation the community will be asked to review the database (unedited), identify important gaps and submit truly futuristic, "forward-leaning" questions. The community will be asked to think beyond the immediate future and envision what the portfolio of Antarctic science in 2035 might look like. The scientific question database is the "raw material" that will fuel the discussions at the Scan Retreat. Projected dates: late August/early September 2013 with a 30-day submission period.
  2. Issuance of Retreat Invitations - Once the Horizon Scan ISC has completed its deliberations and arrived at a final list of Scan Retreat invitees, official invitations will be issued. Projected dates: late August/early September.

If you have questions, or are interested in further details, please contact members of the International Steering Committee or the SCAR Secretariat (email info(at) The SCAR Science Horizon Scan website is also a great resource! The enthusiastic support of the community is greatly appreciated!!!