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SCAR announces Horizon Scan Retreat Discussion Leaders

27 November 2013

Planning for the 1st SCAR Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Horizon Scan is continuing! Community responses to requests for input have been excellent and a total of just over 850 unique questions have been submitted by the community in two rounds. These questions were representative of the breadth and depth of modern Antarctic science and can be perused on the Retreat Questions page.

A critical element of the Science Horizon Scan is a Retreat to be held in Queenstown, New Zealand from April 20 to 23, 2014, where the most important scientific questions will be formulated and agreed, and the database of questions will be the starting point for discussion. The final structure of the question database is organized into eleven themes. For the retreat, each theme is led by a Discussion Leader (DL), and a supporting DL. These DLs will be critical to managing the discussions and ensuring that the goals for each session are met in the time allotted. The discussion teams include an impressive array of talented scientists and experts from around the world! The lists of sessions (pdf) and session leaders are available to view.

Scan Retreat Discussion Leaders, as well as attendees, are representatives of their communities and are tasked with providing a broad perspective on their areas of expertise at the Retreat. Everyone is encouraged to contact DLs and attendees and make their opinions known and take advantage of opportunities to participate in the Horizon Scan.

If you have any further questions or wish for more details, please contact a member of the Horizon Scan International Steering Committee, especially a member from your own country or region, or the SCAR Secretariat.