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An important decision in organizing the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Horizon Scan was grouping the scientific questions submitted by the community into a logical structure. More than 850 questions were submitted by the community and this database will be the starting point for discussion at the Horizon Scan Retreat in April 2104. The final structure of the question database is organized into eleven themes. Questions that could be logically addressed in more than one theme are repeated in the database for a total of nearly 1000 questions.


Theme Title

1   spreadsheet Southern Ocean Physics, Geology, and Chemistry (46 KB)
2   spreadsheet Southern Ocean Life and Ecology (47 KB)
3   spreadsheet The Solid Earth (40 KB)
4   spreadsheet Atmospheric Science (49 KB)
5   spreadsheet Land Ice (44 KB)
6   spreadsheet Near Earth Space and Beyond (33 KB)
7   spreadsheet Biotic Responses to Change (44 KB)
8   spreadsheet Marine Biosphere and the Physical Environment (40 KB)
9   spreadsheet Humankind (50 KB)
10   spreadsheet The Past - A Window on the Future (42 KB)
11   spreadsheet Terrestrial Life and Ecology (39 KB)
spreadsheet Complete database of sorted questions for download (263 KB)

Each question has been assigned a unique number (1st Solicitation: 1 to 999; 2nd solicitation: 1001-1999; additional questions from the Pre-Retreat Survey: 2001-2999) so that the question can be traced to the original database of unedited questions and viewed with its related keywords and descriptions.

Databases of raw, unedited questions submitted

For information about the two community-wide rounds of solicited questions, see the February 2014 News item.