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  • International Steering Committee (printable version) - as at February 2014

* SSG = Standing Scientific Group



Discipline / Topic


Renuka Badhe SCAR Ecology SCAR Executive Officer
David Bromwich USA Meteorology, climatology Chief Officer, SCAR Physical Sciences SSG*
Steven Chown
2009 Muse Prize Winner
Australia (formerly South Africa) Terrestrial ecology, Antarctic Conservation Strategy Chief Officer, SCAR's  Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System
Chris Elfring USA Long-range and strategic planning Director of Polar and Climate Boards, US National Academies

Helen Fricker
2010 Muse Prize Winner

USA Satellite imagery, subglacial aquatic environments Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Graham Hosie Australia Marine ecology Chief Officer, SCAR Life Sciences SSG*

Mahlon (Chuck) Kennicutt II

USA Oceanography, environmental science, science and policy, ATCM Representative Past President of SCAR
Yaedong Kim Korea Geophysics, National Antarctic Programme, ATCM Representative Vice President of SCAR;  Delegate to SCAR from Korea
German Leitchenkov Russia Geosciences, geology, marine mapping St Petersburg State University
Karin Lochte Germany Marine ecology, National Antarctic Programme Vice President of SCAR;  Delegate to SCAR from Germany

Jerónimo López-Martínez

Spain Geology President of SCAR
W Berry Lyons USA Limnology, LTER scientist Chief Officer, SCAR Geosciences SSG*
Sergio Marenssi Argentina Geology, National Antarctic Programme Vice President of SCAR;  Delegate to SCAR from Argentina;  ATCM Representative
Shailesh Nayak India Geology Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, India;  Delegate to SCAR from India
Lloyd Peck UK Ecologist, experienced horizon scanner British Antarctic Survey

Steve Rintoul
2012 Muse Prize Winner

Australia Oceanography CSIRO, SOOS and IPCC
Lou Sanson New Zealand National Antarctic Programme, COMNAP / ATCM Director-General, Department of Conservation
Kazuyuki Shiraishi Japan Paleo-geology, plate tectonics deep-time, National Antarctic Programme Director General, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan;  Delegate to SCAR from Japan
Martin Siegert
2013 Muse Prize Winner
UK Glaciology, sub-ice geology PI of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth Project

Jefferson Simões

Brazil Glaciology Delegate to SCAR from Brazil
Michael Sparrow SCAR Oceanography / climate SCAR Executive Director
Bryan Storey New Zealand Geology, tectonics, earth system science Chair LOC for SCAR 2014 Biennial Meetings;  Director of Gateway Antarctica;  Vice President of SCAR;  Delegate to SCAR from New Zealand
William Sutherland UK Ecology, horizon scan expert University of Cambridge

José Xavier
2011 Muse Prize Winner

Portugal / UK Marine Ecology APECS; British Antarctic Survey
Huigen Yang China Astronomy and astrophysics, upper atmosphere physics, National Antarctic Programme Director of Polar Research Institute of China; NAP;  IASC;  Delegate to SCAR from China