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Integrated Science for the Sub-Antarctic (ISSA)

The aim of this Action Group is to reinvigorate interest in the sub-Antarctic and to facilitate the development of a strategy for future research in the region based on previous work, the horizon scan outcomes, and national priorities.

The Action Group on Integrated Science for the Sub-Antarctic (ISSA) was formed in 2014.  The objectives of ISSA are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of past and current sub-Antarctic science.
  • Identify pressing science questions for current and future work based on national priorities, strengths, and 1st SCAR Horizon Scan questions.
  • Identify key lessons for science, conservation, and policy across the region.
  • Develop a network of scientists across the region, including support for early career researchers.

Terms of Reference

The ISSA Action Group will facilitate an integrated programme of science in the sub-Antarctic, and identify key areas for new research, in line with national and international priorities, across this important SCAR area of interest. The boundaries of the sub-Antarctic will follow those set out in the SCAR Strategic Plan. The AG will be cross-cutting, but located within The Life Sciences Group.