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RINGS Action Group (ice sheet margin)

Regions where the Antarctic Ice Sheet reaches the coast are fundamental to our understanding of the linkages between Antarctica and the global climate system. Knowledge of bed topography at the ice-sheet margin is critical for accurate estimates of current Antarctic ice discharge, while bathymetry under ice shelves, bed topography along major outlet glaciers, and geology and subglacial hydrology near the coast are critical factors for predicting the future of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. None of these fundamental boundary conditions is adequately constrained by observations along the 62,000-km long margin of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

The RINGS Action Group will (1) clarify the current knowledge gaps at the ice-sheet margin and assess the impacts of new data filling these knowledge gaps, and (2) develop a set of protocols to systematically collect, analyze, and share comprehensive airborne geophysical data. The group will work for two years closely with relevant groups to generate novel synergies addressing highly societally-relevant sea-level questions.